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A radical decision and a new journey

21 December 2017


I have been traveling for 36 full moons. Full moon number 36 was two weeks ago. I was sitting on the beach in Bolonia (a small village near Tarifa), with my dog. Suddenly I had the feeling that this is the end of this journey, that started in January 2015. I have turned 360 degrees and now I will start a new circle. Within 2 minutes I met a German man on the beach, who invited me to go to Africa with him next time he is going there to deliver a bus. Of course I said yes. This is how fast it can go.

Ultimately every journey is an inner journey. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, and how warm the sun is on which beach. The only thing that matters is how much you learn on your journey. If you go through a transformation, in which you move through all the phases of the Hero’s Journey and if you slay all the dragons. For this you do not have to start traveling in a campervan, this you can also do at home. Or in Tarifa, as is my case.

I write this on the day of the full moon: December 18 2017. On this day I make a new radical decision. From now on I am going to share with the world what I have learned in the last three years: in my newsletters, on social media, but especially in the two books that I am writing and in the programs that I am developing.

In three years I have made a journey to the essence of the three concepts that for me are the most important concepts in the world: trust, freedom, and connection. I have experienced them and then wrote about it, and then threw it away to start all over again. I could not stop thinking about it, and went crazy because I always saw the tail of the concepts disappear just around the corner, but I never saw them all in one piece.

Until now.

Now I know. The search has come to an end. Now I have more than enough content for all the books and programs that I am designing, with very practical steps to help my clients to go through transformations and to reach inner and financial freedom.

I wish I could start a European revolution, to bring more trust into this world, because then there is less room for fear. Think big, and so on. But I also know that every revolution starts with small things.

So therefore I choose to work with entrepreneurs, because they already have chosen freedom. We are already on the same road. That makes working together so much easier, and while we are on this path we might as well start this European revolution.

Which problems am I solving in my business? That is that I meet too much entrepreneurs with too little confidence. When you don’t trust yourself, you don’t take enough action, and you can’t work from your intuition. A lack of trust in your customers means that you won’t sell enough. A lack of trust in your business keeps your dragons busy and will make sure that you will never grow beyond the limits of your comfort zone.

Why is it so important that you work from trust? Because you can only feel free when you trust. And it is because of freedom that we all have chosen to become entrepreneurs. When you are self employed, you can enjoy the freedom to build a business in which you can do what you love doing most, in a way that suits you, in a place where you feel at home. When you feel free, you are able to help your clients in the best way you can, and we all make this world a bit better. I very much want to help you to reach this freedom.

If you feel free in every aspect of your life, then everything changes. Then your world changes, and also that of the people around you. The clients with whom I have worked tell me amazing stories about this, and they touch me deeply. It makes an enormous difference if you live from trust and not from fear. I am so glad that I can help my clients to trust more.

Why then did it take me so long to designs my books and programs? Did it really have to take me three years? And how about the book “Ellen in Wonderland” that I am writing. Why hasn’t it been published yet?

All true, says the ego, who is always in a hurry. My soul replies that I first had to finish these 36 full moons, and had to slay the last dragons, before I can share my wisdom with the whole world. That moment has now arrived. Now I make a radical decision. The circle is round and now everything can come out into the open.

Last week I wrote a very short plan for 2018. After three years of thinking, feeling and traveling, it now is very clear what I want to do. Now I am ready.

In January I will tell you more, but not now. Now it is time to enjoy the holidays, and to rest, and to gain new energy for everything that is coming next year, and to dream.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and for 2018 I wish you good health and abundance and lots of joy and happiness.

With a big hug from Tarifa.




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